'Swiss White in W1'

Sponsored by Presence Switzerland for the first time ever a London Embassy was transformed into a frost-covered snow-house as a result of our design work in association with Simon Bell Promotions.

Inspired by the United Nations International Year of Mountains 2002, the Swiss Embassy in Bryanston Square hosted a unique event to launch a three-year programme of British-Swiss events in the UK called Dialogue Across Mountains - from Dialogue to Partnership to celebrate the UK's and Switzerland's love for the mountains. The three-year programme aimed to build long-term partnerships between the British and the Swiss.

Snow fell gently onto guests entered to attend the events held to mark the occasion, including a fashion show to highlight the best in new Swiss design. During the day local primary school children learn about snow and ice. They made ice sculptures and a video as part of finding out about the UN's International Year of Mountains. The terrace garden was transformed into a winter paradise with alpine projections, snow sculptures and the odd snow ball. The event concluded with guests descending into an underground snow cave specially prepared for a party.