Natural Swimming Pool

Research, design and project management by Global Impacts.

This 82m2 natural swimming pool blends into the landscape and has crystal clear and clean water. It requires no chemicals to maintain it as the water passes through a self-cleaning mini-ecosystem. This is achieved by pumping water through a 75m2 gravel filter bed planted with aquatic, wetland and marginal plants which, in addition, creates an attractive, colourful wildlife habitat. The filter bed also acts as a giant passive solar heater and this summer (2009) the pool achieved 28ºC. The maintenance of this pool requires less time and cost when compared to a conventional pool of comparable size.

The pool was built over chalk using an EPDM liner. To reduce the carbon footprint British grown Douglas Fir was chosen to construct the walls, jetty and steps. The pool surround was capped with Oak. All of the pool equipment is accommodated in a space below the Summer House.